Redbubble Art Party

Some of you may have heard of Redbubble. It’s a great place to look...
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15 Feb 0

Redbubble Art Party

Some of you may have heard of Redbubble. It's a great place to look if you are after a cool t-shirt, hoodie, phone case or a stack of other items that you customise with designs uploaded by its members. Recently they had the Redbubble Art Party on Instagram (#redbubbleartparty) where members could upload photos which artists then interpreted however they wanted. It was a fun way to take a break from the regular work that takes up most of my time. I chose a photo of a guy's face that looked to me like he was screaming out for a coffee fix. Ironically I found out later that the subject doesn't actually drink coffee (I know right?)! Here's the finished illustration with two variations. If you really love this design you can purchase your own copy here.
19 Aug 0

Reclining Nude

Every two years, Illustrators Australia holds a themed exhibition for its members. This year the theme is "Playtime". I decided to base my entry on the old board game "Operation" and call it Reclining Nude. To make the piece a bit more interactive, I have added the buzzer and illuminated nose when the metal inside one of the cut-out shapes is touched. You can see a video of the piece in action here. The exhibition will be held in Melbourne over three weeks, starting on 13 November where there will be an auction of all the entries.
24 Jul 0

Red Riding Hood poster

It's been a while, but I have finally added another poster design to my vintage style nursery rhyme/fairy tale collection. This time I have given Little Red Riding Hood the french art deco treatment. It's a little darker in tone than the previous designs, but those Grimm brothers loved to add some blood and guts to their stories. For this design I used a new set of brushes called Vector Fuzz from one of my favourite online vendors - Justin at Retro Supply. I have to say it made the process a lot easier than how I used to do it. Thanks Justin!
25 Jun 0

Collector’s Edition #2

Every year the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre has a fundraising exhibition called Collector's Edition. Local artists are asked to participate, and the donated works are auctioned off. This is my contribution. Anyone who knows me also knows my obsession with anything vintage or retro. I have always loved velvet paintings and decided to give it a go. The pile of the velvet makes it a little tricky, but overall I was happy with the result. I have titled this piece "Souvenir" for obvious reasons. The Collector's Edition #2 will be held on 3-26 July 2015.
16 Jan 0

I got you bae

I always love getting a commission from Good Weekend because it usually means and interesting brief. This one was about the history of the word 'bae'. My retro centric mind went straight to the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and their signature tune 'I got you babe'. Just drop the b and I had a bae idea! Luckily the client loved it too. So here's a blast of 70's chic. It's been crazy busy at the BakeHouse and the first thing to suffer is this blog. So one of my resolutions for 2015 is to post more regularly. Let's see how it goes ;-).
16 May 0

Black and Blue exhibition

I have been involved with a Blue Mountains illustrators' collective for over a year. The main purpose of our coming together was to produce a body of work inspired by dark mountain stories and legends. The Black and Blue exhibition opens tonight at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba tonight at 6pm. It will be opened by famous mountain resident and author Tara Moss. The exhibition features work by eight illustrators and eight writers or poets who reside in the Blue Mountains. You can see the three works I have contributed here, but if you are in the mountains between now and 29 June please call in to the Cultural Centre and check out the amazing work of all of our members. You will also find out the back story to each of my illustrations.
27 Mar 0

Rock Screen Paper 2

This is my entry for the Rock Screen Paper 2 poster competition. I printed it last Saturday at a screen printing class held at Arcade Screen Printing by two very talented instructors namely Steve Woods and Cameron Haughey. I took print making as a subject many years ago at St George and Gymea TAFEs but even if you're a novice, Steve and Cam can get you printing by the end of the class. It was a lot of fun. Steve is also organising the Rock Screen Paper 2 exhibition and has unlimited enthusiasm to get people involved and doing it for themselves. I'll let you know how I go in future updates.
14 Mar 0

Logo designs

I have recently worked on a few logo designs for a variety of clients. This has given me the opportunity to create a diverse range of logo styles as you can see in the image gallery. The owners of Peachtree Antiques actually didn't want a logo so when they asked me to design a display banner I modified the Q in antiques to give them a custom look so their banners weren't so generic. The BioItalia logo will initially be used in Australia and Japan to brand authentic organic Italian produce.
20 Feb 0

Luna Park as muse

I'm continuing my Luna Park as muse series and found these images from an exhibition I was involved in a few years ago. All of them have gone to new homes but the Coney Island vase was stolen by a rather nasty gallery owner (Hi Barbara). I'm excited by my new project which I will hopefully be able to post about soon. In the mean time I hope you enjoy these Luna Park and Arthur Barton inspired artworks.
20 Feb 0

Property investment illustration

I was recently commissioned to create an illustration for a property investment feature for a finance magazine. The story described how different elements can impact on whether you make a profit or loss. In my eyes a lot of it came down to luck which is why I suggested the chocolate wheel. In the end the illustration wasn't used but I'm still happy with the way it turned out.
Aussie themed Christmas cards
12 Dec 0

Aussie themed Christmas cards part 2

Last year I created 3 Aussie themed Christmas cards for my clients. They proved to be quite popular so I have added another design this year.
12 Dec 1

Gordon Banks illustration

Back in August this year a guy called Lourenço contacted me to see if I would be interested in participating in a group project. The aim was to produce a football themed card game using a number of illustrators to create portraits of past and present football players.
06 Nov 0

7 Exhibition

This November at Everglades Gallery in Leura, seven highly regarded artists – all based in the Blue Mountains – will present a show of wildly diverse artworks. 7 Exhibition.
27 Oct 0

Deus Bike Build Off 2013

I'm a bit of a motorbike nut - especially modified bikes. Yesterday I went to the Deus Bike Build Off in Sydney.
25 Sep 0

Illustrators Australia 9×5 exhibition

I'm a member of Illustrators Australia and each year they have a 9x5 exhibition in Melbourne. This year's theme is "Flourish". It was a toss-up between cane toads and bunnies. I thought bunnies are cuter (in a creepy way) so here it is. Lepus curpaeums...
Easy credit
03 May 0

Easy credit

I have a regular illustration gig with Pro Print magazine and this month's feature was on easy credit in the printing industry which has led to bad debt when some major printing companies went under.
11 Apr 0

Society6 deal on posters

I know I've posted about these posters before but I thought I'd let you know that we have just signed up with Society6 to sell large format versions of our poster designs. And if you hurry they have free shipping on unframed posters until 14 April. Just click here for the deal.
11 Apr 0

Farnsworth Communicator

Ok I admit it! I'm a Warehouse 13 fan so creating this Farnsworth Communicator greeting card was a labour of love.
10 Apr 1

A trip to the Moon

I love the work of  Georges Méliès and especially his iconic "A trip to the Moon" or "Le Voyage dans la Lune".
Smoking Monkey paper toy
26 Mar 0

Smoking Monkey paper toy

I have long been a fan of paper toys and thought I would give it a go. What better way to start than with a smoking monkey!
White Rabbit logo design
18 Mar 0

White Rabbit design and events

This is a logo design I have worked on recently. It's for a new business starting up in Darwin called White Rabbit design and events.
Drop Bear munching
12 Mar 0

Mail Me Art 3 – arrived!

I have written previously about my Mail Me Art 3 entry. I posted it around 2 weeks ago and have just received confirmation that it has arrived in Leicester in time and intact!
Alphabet of thorn review
12 Mar 0

Alphabet of thorn

I was asked recently to create an illustration for a book review on Alphabet of thorn. The illustration was for a new digital magazine called Anne Summers Report.
05 Mar 0

New nursery rhyme posters

Just finished another set of vintage French inspired nursery rhyme posters.
Drop Bear and victim
01 Mar 1

Mail Me Art 3 – posted

A few weeks ago I mentioned my participation in Mail Me Art 3. I have finally finished my entry and it's now on it's way to Leicestershire in the UK. Fingers crossed it makes it in one piece.
Cutting out the middle man
22 Feb 0

Collaborative consumption

It's a brave new world out there and old world thinking just isn't going to cut it. This illustration was for a story in Real Business magazine about Collaborative Consumption or the Sharing Economy.
Bank loan circus
22 Feb 0

Getting a bank loan

Printers are going through some tough times at the moment and this illustration for Pro Print - an industry magazine for printers - was for a story about how hard banks are making it for printers to get a loan in the current economic climate. The hoops have labels which represent some of the conditions that need to be met before a bank will agree to the loan. Circus iconography is high on my list of influences, so I had a lot of fun creating this illustration.
Vintage Style Nursery Rhyme posters
15 Feb 0

Vintage style nursery rhyme posters

I'm excited to announce the opening of our Graphic BakeHouse Etsy store where you will be able to purchase exclusive items designed and produced right here at the BakeHouse.
Flavours of Indonesia from Bali to the capital Jakarta
11 Feb 0

Indonesia montage

In The Black Magazine asked me to create a montage illustration for a story about how Indonesia is developing into an economic powerhouse. I tried to incorporate different cultural aspects of our northern neighbour as well as the view of a sophisticated Jakarta and its bustling city streets. When I work on a montage I like to pull the varying images together using a colour overlay. The space near the top right corner will have a headline and text going over the top.
06 Feb 0

Mail Me Art 3

Things have been pretty busy in the BakeHouse lately. I have a few projects in the pipeline but I'm especially excited about Mail Me Art 3. It's an on-going project that happens roughly every two years. This time they are only using 200 artists worldwide and I'm one of them! If you want to find out more click on the logo. I'll be posting an update soon showing my entry but for now I can only give you a clue. It's Australian and they eat people!
23 Jan 1

Mindil Beach

My family spent a magic afternoon at Mindil Beach in Darwin NT yesterday. We went there to get some great sunset shots but ended up getting a lot more. The high tide mark was covered in some kind of seaweed that I've never seen before.
21 Jan 0

Government grants

I just finished this illustration for one of my regular clients, Pro Print at Haymarket Media. It's for a story about applying for a government grant and how they can help your business.
10 Jan 1

Humpty Dumpty – before the fall

I have played around with papier mache for years now and it's one of my favourite materials due to its cost, availability and versatility.
07 Jan 0

Near Rutherglen

Found some amazing locations on a trip to Corowa. These were taken just over the border in Victoria near the wine village of Rutherglen.
18 Dec 0

Aussie Christmas cards

In 2012 I created a series of three Christmas cards to send to my clients. It seems like Christmas in Australia has been hijacked by northern hemisphere iconography and sentiment so I decided my cards would be unmistakably Aussie. I wanted the cards to have a vintage airline poster feel to them. I also borrowed from our limited Christmas mythology and replaced the reindeer with six white boomers.
12 Dec 0

Vintage travel party theme

My client was organising a baby shower for her sister and wanted to use a vintage travel theme. I had to design a variety of printed material from bunting to signage to food labels. I tied the theme together using  a few recurring elements such as fine wavy lines similar to those used in passports and blue and red borders reminiscent of airmail envelopes.
07 Dec 0

Sporty the Snowman

CLIENT: WhybinTBWA Melbourne BRIEF: Christmas card for Betstar.
24 Nov 0


This is my first art doll in a series I'm calling "The island of lost advertising mascots". His name is Eraserhead because his head is a giant typewriter eraser. With a body made from vintage packaging and articulated pencil arms and legs he's ready to step out into the world.
07 Aug 0

Suburban gnome

I spotted this happy chap while walking around the suburbs of Fremantle in WA.
18 Jul 0

Biker bashing

CLIENT: Sydney Morning Herald BRIEF: Op-ed about making bikie gangs illegal in NSW.
10 Feb 0

Tony and Julia

CLIENT: Telstra Smarter Business Magazine BRIEF: Humorous take on the Global Warming debate.
13 Sep 0

Earth Hour – the big flick

CLIENT: The Sydney Morning Herald - Fairfax Media BRIEF: Initially this was for a school supplement promoting Earth Hour but the editor liked it so much it ended up on the cover of the Herald. Below is another illustration in the series which was used in the school supplement.
26 Jun 0

LPG car review

CLIENT: Sydney Morning Herald - Saturday Drive BRIEF: Cover feature on LPG conversions.
07 Feb 0

Drop bear

This creature was created for an exhibition at Global Gallery in Sydney. It was a three dimensional expression of another illustration that can be found here.
05 Feb 0

Drop bears. Yahh!

This illustration was created for an exhibition at Global Gallery in Sydney. It was digitally printed and mounted on board. A three dimensional drop bear was also made for the exhibition which can be found here.
10 Jan 0

Smoking Monkey Illustration promo

This is a self promotional piece I created for the Illustrators Australia book.
28 Nov 0

Uni survival guide

CLIENT: Sydney Morning Herald - My Career BRIEF: Feature on the transition from high school to university.
25 Nov 0

Book design

I have designed a number of books and book covers for Fairfax Books. Notable titles include: Gallipoli - Jonathan King and Mike Bowers, showing never before published photos from the Fairfax archive; Snap - extraordinary picture by award-winning photographers; The Big Picture, Diary of a Nation - Released to celebrate 175 years of The Sydney Morning Herald; The Scarlet Thread (cover only) - Maurice Gurvich and Christopher Wray, exploring Australia's link with Jack the Ripper.
22 Feb 1

Mountain devil

This is a self promotional piece for a fictional advertising campaign for my home town.

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